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How to wear it?

There are three main ways to wear it:

1. With the ConforMasque at the top of the neck and the elastic band that goes over the top of the ear

This is the most common way to wear the ConforMasque. This clears the entire back of the ear. There may be tension that stays on top of the ear, similar to what a pair of glasses would cause.

2. Above the ponytail

If you have a ponytail, it is often comfortable to wear the ConforMasque over the ponytail and attach the elastic bands to it.

3. Pass the elastic bands outside the ears

It is possible, outside the medical field, to pass the elastic bands outside the ears. No ear pain possible!

Which size to choose?

We currently offer two sizes, 13 cm (short) and 17 cm (standard).

If your mask currently fits you correctly, you should probably choose the standard. If you would like it to be tighter, if you know you have a small head or that it is for a child, the short one might be better.

I have tension in my neck, what to do?

As the material in which the ConforMasque is made retains its shape, you can use your hands to give it the desired curvature.

By bending it, you will make sure that it is not only a place that presses in the middle of your neck and that the ConforMasque rests on a larger surface.

How is it made?

The ConforMasque is manufactured with a laser machine. You can see it in action in the Radio-Canada report.

What if I am not satisfied?

No problem, if you consider that the ConforMasque does not improve your comfort at all, we will reimburse you in full.