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The story of the ConforMasque crazy project

As an organization working mainly in the field of sports events and health promotion since 2010, we have been hit hard by COVID-19.

To summarize the situation:

  • We could no longer carry on our regular activities
  • Many of our events planned for 2020 were canceled or postponed to 2021
  • We had no more income
  • Several customers have also put a brake on their activities
  • We could no longer keep our employees on the job

In short, it was not an ideal situation, far from it.

How were we going to get through?

During the first days, it was quite difficult. Every day, we witnessed companies adapting and changing their offer quickly. For our part, we had several ideas, but nothing that met our main criteria:

  • Stay true to our mission to promote health
  • Build on our main internal strengths
    • Clean and clear graphic design by Samuel
    • Alicia's methodical spirit
    • Mathieu's technical skills
    • Marcel's production experience
    • Daniel's creativity
  • Quick to set up

With our resources, we had the impression that we could find a solution, but it was hiding. In addition, as we were facing the unknown, we had to make temporary layoffs within the team.

We listened to webinars and advice from experts who said "it's time to think outside the box". Thanks for the tip, but when we looked around the box, all we saw was m *****.

Then time ran its course. Quietly, we started having plans again. We started by trying to help people move by providing a Virtual Business Challenge free for everyone, training videos, Then the Potato Challenge, training to do with a bag of potatoes to support the local purchase!

Just having the impression of being useful and getting started is already a lot.

The click

For a few years now, we have been producing our medals in-house thanks to what is called "the machine". At the end of April, the manufacturers of our machine sent us a model of "ear savers". The idea comes froman awesome boy who printed a model on his 3D printer. To provide more comfort, this device allows the mask to be hung behind the head rather than on the ears.

Finally a project that united our forces with our mission to promote health!

Except that there was still one piece missing from the puzzle. Social involvement. It has been at the heart of our events for 10 years and now, we continue this implication by donating a ConforMasque for each sale we make. The idea came to us from a collaborator, Buddha Station, with the Buddha-Solidaire project. In fact, we will post our sales on this blog over the next few weeks.

The loop is therefore complete, we have a mobilizing project, which allows us to get involved socially and to have a positive impact!

To order a Conformasque, click here:


  • very practical, I am a hairdresser for men and I attach the mask of my clients with this comfort mask product. I have a customer who came and he found the way I used the fastener great. He phoned his daughter, who stays outside and is a hairdresser, to explain my procedure. He asked me where I had taken these fasteners, I sent them your contact details. What is great is that the attachment is flexible and comfortable. thank you

  • Order received in a few days, we are very satisfied with the product.

  • Order # 1694 should have arrived since on the "track order" of Shop it indicates that it has been delivered. I did not receive anything.
    How do I find my order?

    Louise A. Levasseur
  • You are a Quebec business, can we pass to get this fabulous discovery because it's great!

    Linda Dumont Lavoie
  • Me too I would like to get it I have to try a mask and it is very bad !! so I will order your idea. Thank you.

    Laurence Maltais
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