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The Final Conformasque

What is crazy with this Coronavirus crisis is that we have to make very important decisions, very quickly and with very little information.

2 months ago, we embarked on the Conformasque adventure.

It was not easy. We started by releasing a fairly ordinary first version. Besides, we sent a new version for free to all buyers of this first version. :)

Then Marcel and Mathieu got down to the job of improving the design quickly. Versions 2 to 13 (!) Of the product were therefore produced in record time.

All this was manufactured on our laser cutting machine until very recently.

In fact, for the past few days, our Conformasques have now been produced with a process called injection molding. This new process has several advantages:

  • It allows us to produce larger quantities, faster;
  • It allows us to throw away less plastic;
  • It allows us to use recycled plastic;
  • It allows us to have a 3D design that makes the hooks no longer hang on the neck;
  • It allows us to use a new kind of plastic, more flexible, which follows the shape of the neck or the head;
  • It allows us to make small holes in the end of the Conformasque, so that we can hang the mask in advance on one side;
  • It allows us to insert bending points on the Conformasque, to give it even more flexibility.

We are therefore very proud to present this new product, available in 10, 50 et 1000!

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