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3 types of mask fasteners

Mask attachments have become very popular items to prevent pain behind the ears when wearing the mask. Three main types of mask fasteners exist, here they are:

1. The “home” mask clip

The first option is to use equipment that you have at home, such as a large paper clip or one of these famous plastic monkeys from the "monkey barrel" game. Barrel of monkeys - Brault & BouthillierThe advantage of this method is that it is very fast, even instantaneous. On the other hand, there are no possible adjustments, if the mask is too tight, it is not possible to adjust it. Often fabric masks have tighter elastic bands and this might be less suitable.

2. The fabric mask / headband attachment

The fabric mask clip can be made by yourself or bought online. Often longer than small monkeys or paper clips, this allows the mask to be worn more comfortably. On the other hand, the disinfection, as well as the adjustment in length can be more complicated for this type of mask. Cost: $ 10 to $ 20 if you buy it online, free or a few dollars if you make it yourself.

3. The plastic mask clip

The plastic mask clip offers the advantage of often having several branches which make adjustment in length easier. The masks in fabrics often having shorter elastic bands, this makes it possible to adjust. In addition, it is easier to clean and disinfect than cloth masks. Finally, since it requires less manual labor, its cost is generally more affordable.

We allow ourselves a little advertisement here: our ConformMask is affordable ($ 2 per unit), flexible and very easy to clean. In addition, for each purchase, we give one in the healthcare system!

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